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Why good hackers make good citizens

Bons hackers fazem bons cidadãos, por Catherine Bracy

The Open Revolution will run on open source

"The open data movement is evolving. For years we were primarily concerned with opening data any way possible. It has quickly become clear that it matters how we open data. We need to be open about the methods that produced the data, get the right type of open license, solve for reliability and sustainability, and consider the potential users and value of the data. And the software we use really matters.", Ian Schuler

"But there’s a problem: who controls the project and who owns the data it generates? We live in an age when your supermarket’s software knows who you are from your buying choices; where your email provider can send you advertisements matched to key words in your supposedly private messages. But issues raised by smart cities go beyond privacy – they raise problems for democracy and control." Paul Mason

"This report should be a wake up call that in modern Britain there are people in positions of responsibility who seem to think ‘1984’ was an instruction manual." David Barrett, One surveillance camera for every 11 people in Britain

The Open Revolution will run on open source

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